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Insurance for OCB international credit card fraudu
  • The holder of OCB international credit card is offered the insurance for international credit card fraudulent transactions for free with the following benefits:
    • Protection of the card holder in case of lost, missed 24/7 credit card.
    • Protection as soon as the customer is provided with card.
    • No registration procedures required to participate in the insurance.
  • Description of the insurance:
    • In case the international credit card of customer issued by OCB is lost or stolen, the card holder shall receive compensation for the Unauthorized Costs that the holder must pay for the lost or stolen card within 12 hours before the first notice of the Holder about the matter to OCB.
  • Benefits and compensation limits.

Type of card

Maximum compensation per claim

Maximum compensation per year

OCB international credit card



  • Deductible: 15%/compensation amount 
  • The customer is the holder of international credit card issued by OCB. 
  • Conditions for insurance settlement: 
  • The card holder must give notice about the missing/stealing of the Card to OCB or AIG Vietnam within 24 (twenty four) hours after the Card is missed/stolen. 
  • The card holder must comply with terms and conditions of using card of OCB.
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