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Regular current deposit
  • Your deposit is ensured safety, confidentiality and for which OCB shall purchase deposit insurance.
  • Quickly satisfying your payment demand by payment methods other than cash such as issuance of cheque, payment order, encashment order, etc.
  • Being used for securing loans, providing guarantees to third parties borrowing from the bank. 
  • Customers may register to use ATM Lucky Oricombank Card to withdraw cash in the account from automated teller machines ATM 24/24. Customers shall be totally exempted from paying fees such as account opening fee, etc.
  • Customers also may register to use Internet – Banking, SMS-Banking services free of charges to update information of exchange rate, current account balance, loan balance. 
  • Financial ability confirmation for Customers to travel and study overseas, transfer fees and tuition fees to overseas. 
  • Type of currency: VND, USD, and EUR
  • Minimum balance to open and maintain account:
    • VND account: VND50,000
    • Foreign currency account: USD10 or EUR10
  • Interest rate: According to interest rate for current deposit issued by OCB.
For foreign currency accounts, the opening and use of those accounts shall comply with regulations on foreign exchange management of the Government.
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