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Program rules:
1. Program name: “Cashback of 5% on Thursdays in supermarkets”. 
2. Goods, services under promotion: International Credit Card OCB Mastercard.
3. Promotion period: from 01/03/2014 to the end of 30/12/2014.
4. Promotion area: Headquarters, Transaction Centers, Branches, Transaction Offices and Provident Fund within OCB network nationwide.
5. Promotion form: cashback.
6. Target customers: Individual customers using international credit card MasterCard issued by OCB. (OCB Staff is not allowed to take part in the program)
7. Rewards:
  • Total cashback to customers: VND100,000,000
  • (Total cashback to customers in words: one hundred million dong only).
8. Contents and regulations of the promotion program:

8.1. Contents of the promotion program:
  • Cashback of 5% for transactions on Thursdays in supermarkets.
  • To register to participate in the program, every month card holders may send a message to 6089 with the following syntax: OCB_05_ID Card No. (or OCB_05_ Passport No.)
    •  “_” is a space.
    • Fee: VND500/message.
    • Every month, card holders simply register 01 time to participate in promotion program of that month, in the next month, card holders must re-register to participate in the program.
    • In case a card holder owns more than 01 card, the card holder is only required to register 01 time in the month and all the cards will be taken in consideration in the program of that month.
8.2. Detailed regulations and conditions of the promotion program:
  • Eligible transactions: Transactions paid by International Credit Card OCB MasterCard in supermarkets in Vietnam and overseas on Thursdays.
  • Transactions are successfully debited to OCB network and satisfy the following conditions:
    • Transactions of goods/services payment with international credit card OCB MasterCard at points of sale which are Supermarkets (with MCC payment agent code is Supermarket and the code recorded by OCB in network is 5411* according to international card organizations);
    • Transaction invoice with value of at least VND500,000/invoice;
    • Successful transactions on Thursdays (not applied to transactions of previous days and notice of debit is sent on Thursdays);
  • Ineligible transactions which are not qualified for the promotion program include:
  • Transactions via: facsimile, mail, telephone, payment transactions through CallCenter 247, online transactions, payment transactions through Telesales;
    • Cash withdrawal transactions and all transactions performed on ATMs (transfer, balance checking, listing of 5 latest transactions, etc.);
    • The transaction of which spending approval is cancelled during the program period and reward period;
    • The transaction of which debit notice is cancelled or which is re-credited during the program period and reward period;
    • Cards proactively cancelled by customers during the program period and reward period;
  • Maximum cashback amount/card holder: Each card holder will receive maximum of VND500,000/week and no more than VND1,000,000/month.
  • OCB will proactively extract transaction data of card holders who register to participate in the program to calculate reward.
8.3. Reward method:
  • Cashback amount shall be credited to card account with eligible transactions on the 15th day of the next month after transaction month (The card holder is only allowed to use this amount to pay for goods and service of the next transactions, in the event the card holder want to withdraw cash, withdrawal fees shall be charged as for normal cash withdrawal transaction based on OCB’s tariff from time to time).
9. Other regulations of the program:
  • Card holders are responsible for keeping payment invoice to present as required by OCB.
  • Reward is granted according to transaction time until no rewards left. In case the rewards are fully granted before expiration of the program period, OCB will make notice on website www.ocb.com.vn and to Department of Industry and Trade of provinces and cities.
  • OCB will consider the list of card holders, time order of transactions, card holder information, card information to reward.
  • OCB will not reward for eligible transactions in which the card holder did not send registration message, send wrong message, the system did not receive registration message or transactions occurring after total cashback amount for reward is determined as fully granted to earlier transactions during the program period.
  • “Supermarkets” are locations having agent code of 5411 in OCB network. OCB will automatically extract data to give cashback to these transactions. OCB is not responsible for and give cashback to transactions at points of sale called supermarkets without correct agent registered code 5411 according to regulations of international card organizations.
  • OCB has right to credit card account of card holders without prior notice for cases of incorrect add-up of reward, transactions without debit notice and/or re-credited transactions.
  • OCB has right to change, supplement or cancel these Terms and Conditions as well as contents of the program without notice to customers. For the latest information, please access the website.
  • OCB’s decision is final in reviewing eligible transactions and rewarding eligible customers.
  • OCB has right to reject reward for OCB credit card holders who are past due or incur overdue debts during the program period and reward period.
  • OCB has right to reject reward for doubtful fraudulence or fraudulence.
  • Trade disputes of customers and OCB shall be settled by negotiation between customers and OCB, and final decision shall be made by the Ministry of Industry and Trade in case the negotiation fails. 
  • OCB commits strictly performing regulations of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, complying with procedures on program organization.
  • OCB’s liability is exempted in force majeure events occurring during the program period which cause deviated transactions of card holders.
  • By participating in this program, card holders agree with all Terms and Conditions in Regulations of this program.
  • Customers shall be responsible for the authenticity of the information provided such as: information provided to open card, information of main card/supplementary card, etc. OCB shall not settle related disputes and claims.
  • OCB has right to use images, names, addresses and materials related to the rewarded in advertising, promotion, reporting, etc. programs in mass media without any fees.
* Please refer to list of supermarkets with agent code 5411 here

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