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Lucky Card
With OCB ATM Lucky Card, you may easily withdraw cash from ATMs free of charge and make payment on all POS devices in supermarkets, restaurants, hotels, entertainment complexes, etc. nationwide.

  • Discount of up to 50% in restaurants, hotels, resorts, fashion shops. See details here.
  • Free of charge for cash withdrawal from more than 14,000 ATMs within Smartlink, Banknet, VNBC.
  • Free of charge for goods and service payment on more than 50,000 POS devices within Smartlink, Banknet.
  • Online shopping on websites within Smartlink. 
  • Functions (on OCB’s ATMs):
    • Cash withdrawal
    • Transfer within OCB network
    • Inter-bank transfer to banks within Smartlink, see list of banks in interbank network here
    • Mobile phone account top up
    • Invoice payment (mobile phone, internet, insurance, etc.)
Type of card and transaction limit:


ATM Card Standard B

ATM Card Standard D

Limit per withdrawal



Limit per day



Maximum number of transactions

10 transactions/day

20 transactions/day

Card opening fee


Annual fee

Free for the first year

Tariff: See details here
Personal Customer Business Customer