Private House Insurance

Private House Insurance

The customer is insured against loss to the building or its contents caused by any of the surrounding perils.

Product Characteristics

Customers are insured against loss of buildings or belongings caused by any of the perils mentioned below:
  • Fire, lightning, thunder, underground fire, explosion;
  • Aircraft, airborne devices and/or objects falling from it;
  • Collision with any building by any motor vehicle on the road, horse or livestock not belonging to or under the control of the Insured or any member of the Insured's family insurance;
  • Theft must, however, be accompanied by the use of force or violence to enter or escape the building.
  • Breaking or overflowing of tanks, reservoirs or domestic water supply pipes, but excluding:
  • The first USD 100 equivalent for each and every loss;
  • Damage or loss occurring while the dwelling is unfurnished.

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