Interest rates

Savings deposit interest rates apply from: 24/11/2022, 12:00 AM (Unit %/Year)

Deposit interest rate

PeriodTerm DepositRegular savingsOnline Savings
Không kì hạn0.90.90.9
1 Tháng5.75.75.8
3 Tháng5.95.95.95
6 Tháng8.28.29
9 Tháng8.48.49.1
12 Tháng8.98.99.3
13 Tháng000
15 Tháng8.98.99.3
18 Tháng999.3
21 Tháng999.3
24 Tháng999.3
36 Tháng999.3
(*) Interest rates are applied to electronic savings deposits (regular e - savings, OMNI Flex), online channel term deposits (Electronic deposit contracts) with terms of 6 months and 12 months as follows: Deposit amount ≥ 50 billion VND: plus (+) 1.50% p.a. for 6-month terms or plus (+) 1.20% p.a. for 12-month terms compared to the electronic savings interest rate chart. If OCB meets the needs of customers, the interest rate of withdrawal before the deadline applies the interest rate of non-term deposit is 0.90% per year.

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