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•    Easily register, manage reward points and redeem gifts online
•    Accumulate reward points on every transaction.
•    The more points accumulated, the greater the value of the gift is.


Conditions for use:
•    All OCB individual customers are allowed to participate
Transaction channels applied:
•    At counters, on OCB OMNI (website and mobile) and card payment channels
Regulations on reward points:
•    The system automatically count points for Customers right after they register to participate in the program according to the prescribed scoring policy
•    When the customers register to redeem gifts successfully, their points will be deducted by the points corresponding to the redeemed gift
•    Reward points are rounded down to the unit row (Example: 0.8 points = 0 points; 2.5 points = 2 points; 3.8 points = 3 points)
•    Points are only counted for successful transactions
•    Monthly point closing date: periodically on the 1st day of every month


Step 1: Log in OCB OMNI on the website or on mobile devices
Step 2: Choose the service “Orient Connection”
Step 3:
      - To sign up for participation:
             + Step 3.1: Select “Sign up for participation”
             + Step 3.2: The system displays terms and conditions related to the program, customers choose to agree and confirm participation
      - To redeem points
             + Step 3.1: Select “Redeem points”, the system will displays reward points and gift information
             + Step 3.2: Customers press to choose the desired gift corresponding to their points.
             + Step 3.3 Customers enter information to redeem gift including delivery address and phone number
             + Step 3.4: Customers check the gift redemption information and verify the gift redemption
      - To look up reward points
             + Step 3.1: Select “Look up reward points”
             + Step 3.2: The system displays information about accumulated points, used points and remaining points. Select “Details” to view the accumulated points
             + Step 3.3: Select “View how to count reward points” if customers want to view and download OCB’s “Terms and conditions for participation in the Orient Connection Program”
      - To view the history of gift redemption:
             + Step 3.1: Select “History of gift redemption”
             + Step 3.2: For quick look-up of gift redemption information, Customers can choose the desired time period by selecting “Today”/ “3 days”/ “1 week”/ “1 month” or choose from one day to another day. And press the “Look-up” button.
             + Step 3.3: The system displays the customer’s gift redemption history