1800 6678
Free to call 24/7
(84) 28 7305 6678

Customer Services 24/7


Introduce, instruct and answer enquiries about all the products and services of OCB

Emergency service

- Support and check transaction information: loans, deposits, credit cards, e-banking…

- Block credit cards in emergencies, receive lost/stolen cards information and block savings account, helps customers protect assets timely in case of unexpected incidents.

- Receive and resolve customer’s complaints, feedback on staff’s attitude and OCB’s policies of products, services

Card Services

Card services
- Unlock PIN
- Lock/Unlock online transaction feature - International Card
- Update VIP mode - International Card
- Apply for 0% interest installment payment - International Credit Card
- Apply for an International Credit Card


Self Services
- Lock card
- Lock login account for E-banking
- Look up Credit Card Limit, Credit Card Outstanding Balance
- Look up payment account balance
- Look up balance, term, interest rate, opening date and maturity date of savings
- Look up outstanding balance, total overdue principal, total overdue interest, loan maturity date
To use Self Services, please call to the Call Center 18006678 (free of charge) or (84) 28 73056678 (International Hotline) using phone number registered with OCB and follow the instructions of the system.

Others service

Other services
- Provide information about products, services, preferential policies, promotions
- Instruction to register and use OCB services
- Receive and resolve suggestions, questions and complaints about promotions, OCB products and services being provided
- Receive and resolve comments and complaints about the service attitude of officers and staff

Information Check

Information Check
- Account balance
- Transaction information: Loan, Deposit, Cards, E-Banking ...


Service Customer Services 24/7
Service Customer Services 24/7
Service Customer Services 24/7

Please contact us via

Hotline: 1800 6678

Email: dvkh@ocb.com.vn


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