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Accumulation account
If you want to accumulate an amount from your personal income during a certain period for a future plan such as: marriage, house, travel, raising kids. Accumulation Account of OCB will be a useful financial tool to realize your plan.

  • Automatically take money from your Current Deposit Account to deposit in Accumulation Account on a fixed day monthly without presence of Customers at banks.
  • Interest rate is fixed at the time of opening for all deposits during the term.
  • Enjoying high interest rate based on interest rate of term savings deposit.
  • Type of currency: Vietnam dong (VND).
  • Minimum deposit amount: VND100,000
  • Interest receiving method: At maturity date
  • Contract term: 06 months, 09 months, 12 months
  • Deposit interval: Monthly.
  • Periodic deposit amount: Equal amount for each period, the amount for the first period may be different.
  • Periodic deposit day: Days in the month except for the 29th, the 30th and the 31st.
  • Deposit method: Customers sign only 1 contract with OCB for 1 Accumulation Account.
  • Interest rate: 
  • Fixed interest rate is applied from the time of signing Accumulation Account contract and during the term.
  • According to interest rate of "Accumulation Account" deposit announced by OCB at the time of deposit.
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